The adventrues of Super Pato


Super Pato is an original character form Art2Publish. This enthusiastic superhero had his own space in trade magazine Vakblad, published in The Netherlands. The magazine is not published any longer. Therefore Super Pato seeks a new platform for his mission: serving the planet, in whatever way.



Creates characters and illustrations for all kind of publications.

Puck en Tom op Safari



Puck en Tom are two friends who get into all kinds of adventures togehter. The book is the first of a series for kids aged 5 to 8 years.

Puck & Tom were created by Art2Publish and written by Dutch writer/journalist Wally Cartigny.

Erika Stanley book ilustratiions Puck en Tom

Illustrations for Canon van de Nederlandse Politiek - Spraakmakende Momenten


This book and dvd contain reviews of moments in Dutch politics with high impact from the last 50 years. Art2Publish illustrated this publication with digital drawings.

Erika Stanley Book ilustrations Spraakmakende Momenten

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